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How to download images from Google Docs

Have you tried downloading images from Google Docs but failed to download them. It is so frustrating that we cannot download images from Google Docs just by right-clicking and using the save as image option.

In this article I will give fews tricks to download the images from Google Docs

Download as HTML

You can download the document as an HTML and get the HTML code and a folder of all the images in the document. You get all the images here you cannot select which image you need to download. Every image in the document will be in the folder we download.

Here are the simple steps how to download the HTML document in the below image

  1. Click on the files option
  2. Find the Download option
  3. Choose the Web Page option
Downloading Google Docs as Web Page

After downloading the files extract the folder to find the images folder and HTML file.
You can see how to do that below

Extracting Downloaded Google Docs Files

Publish the document as web page

You already know you can download the document as the web page, in this method we shall publish the document as a web page. In the previous method, you get all the images. Here you can choose which image to download has we are publishing it to the web just like any other website.

By publishing as a web page you can save the image just like saving it from any other website. You can use right-click and save it as an image in this method.

How to publish the document as web page?

  1. Go to files in the menu
  2. Select the Publish to web option
  3. Click on publish in the PopUp
  4. Use the public link to open the web page
Publishing Google Docs to Web
Publish Google Docs as a web page
Downloading image from Google Docs

Use screenshot tools

This is the last method to get the images from the documents and this is also the least recommended method to be used.

You can use snipping tool that is in-built in windows or CMD + 3 or CMD + 4 on mac or you can use screenshot tools.

Some of the recommended free/paid tools are :